Welcome to ccOutils

ccOutils is a generalist Java library, helping creating software faster. Its license is the MIT type one. It provides you either extra features or simplify the use of existing ones. It is made of several classes, interfaces and annotations which provides abstractions such as Application, CLI, Factory, Compiler, pair etc..

The main abstractions are :

Getting started

The easiest way to test it, is to download the ccOutils_x.x_x.zip. Unzip it in any directory and from Eclipse, select the menu "file/import.../General/Existing Projects into Workspace" then press "next" and "Browse" to select the sample directory. If you are interested in Factory there is also an article on it.

Get involved

ccOutils is used and included by C³ open source project, its web site is http://www.c3.capcaval.org. Sources are available on GitHub, at the following link : github.com/CapCaval/projects inside the sub package ccoutils.